The Money of APIs - Acceleration and expansion of big data through APIs

A NYC-based Data Innovation and Design Consultancy for Monetizing data through new products, channels and APIs

We design market strategies for companies looking to extend their APIs into digital partnerships.


How we do it

Every business has a different "platform potential" leveraging Big Data, Mobile apps, and Social Media.

By analyzing a brand's unique data sets and web services Apinomic develops and deploys go-to-market strategies for companies to monetize the business of Big Data, for growth, innovation, or cost reduction.

Areas of focus: Mobile innovation, API Strategy, Big Data Valuations, and Launch Roadmaps for accelerating bottom line improvements through digital gains.

"Apinomic is where Data Science meets Commercial Innovation - for growth and gains." - Digiday


Big Data Solutions

  • API Strategies to accelerate social and mobile content and digital partnerships
  • Big data asset definitions and valuations to define API approaches
  • API pricing and tier strategies to monetize data
  • Developer and partner outreach strategies to expand mobile success and "mash-ups"
  • Business model development for emerging start ups and matching them to enterprise clients and needs
  • Best practices to compete and win in the social, mobile, and big data marketplaces


Drew Bartkiewicz

The founder of APInomic, Drew Bartkiewicz, has more than 20 years experience in data valuations ("apinomics"), digital marketing, cyber risk management, and API strategy.

As an author of over 70 articles on technology trends, Mr Bartkiewicz has worked with the following organizations on data designs, APIs, and personalization initiatives: Proctor & Gamble, GE, Apple, American Express, Coca Cola, Boots, Maidenform, Walmart, ESPN, GSA, Primedia, NBC, the World Economic Forum, ASOS, UBS, Iberia, Home Depot, Gucci, and Zaarly. He serves as advisor and co-founder to CyberFactors and CloudInsure, and is the founder of the emerging platform for all things letters,

As a graduate of West Point and Yale, he has also held senior positions in, Mashery, The Hartford, and BroadVision. A Gulf War veteran and active in military support initiatives, he lives with his family in CT and works in NYC.

We extend brands with unique data distribution designs, raising API performance across social and mobile platforms